Saturday, July 25, 2009

Personal qualities of effective board members

This morning, as I was perusing new online resources for a workshop I'm developing on Mission-Focused Boards, I discovered a rather wonderful list of "Personal Qualities of Effective Board Members" that readers of this blog might find inspiring.

Posted on the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals site, the list is broken into two sections: "Fundamental Characteristics" and "Personal Commitment." That framing resonates for me, because I've always felt (and you and I both know) that governance is more than the bottom line list of roles and responsibilities. There also is a fundamental need for not only basic acceptance of the organization's mission but a deep commitment to advancing that mission, as a member of the governance leadership team and as an individual member of that group.

I wouldn't say that anything on either list is particularly revolutionary. But the its creator did a nice job of articulating what is needed beyond the bottom line to serve your organization -- and your organization's mission -- effectively. You may have your own additions, qualities that you may think that the author left off.

Share this with your board as a conversation starter. Use as an opportunity for individual reflection on how you can increase your commitment to moving your board and your nonprofit closer to fulfilling your mission.

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