Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Form 990: IRS offers brief video overview

As the gap between posts confirms, the final stages of the dissertation /defense process were more overwhelming than I anticipated.

Re-entry into post-doctoral life is, I am finding, a very slow process. Returning to a posting routine may remain a short-term challenge. On the bright side: I am now officially Dr. Beck. Even better: I emerged from the defense process understanding more clearly that the board I studied was a true exemplar for nonprofit governing bodies everywhere. Sharing what I have learned, to benefit all, will be the greatest pleasure of this long journey.

But on to the topic of this post:

As I think about the growing number of requests from boards for resources on meeting the new 990 requirements, I'd like to share one nice little offering from the Internal Revenue Service.

Click here to access a new "video mini-course" that outlines the essential elements to get you started. It's a nice little overview, on a topic that is still new enough to make details and examples challenging to find.

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