Thursday, March 19, 2009

New nonprofit transparency report

My apologies for slacking on posts of late. I have a good excuse: I'm in the final stages of preparing and defending my dissertation, a case study of context-based nonprofit board learning in meetings (great, great stuff -- I'm anxious to share the 'lessons learned' with readers very soon!).

In the meantime, while the time for original posts may be hard to come by, I'll try to do a better job of at least sharing some of the great online resources that come my way.

This morning, I want to alert you to a new GuideStar report, on "The State of Nonprofit Transparency, 2008." I'm still reading, but the bottom line is this: while the sector understands the responsibility of transparency and embraces the value of the Internet in fulfilling it, follow through does not match those aspirations. GuideStar both reports on what is being done -- or not done -- and offers some recommendations that nonprofits and their boards should read.

Click here to request a downloadable copy. Turnaround is quick; I received my link for download within seconds. An executive summary is available at this link.

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