Friday, January 2, 2009

Planning a rural NP resource

Today, I have a request. I'm seeking feedback from nonprofit practitioners to help guide development of an online resource that students in my "Nonprofit Management & Leadership" class will create this spring.

We'll work together as a class, and in small groups, to develop content on critical nonprofit management topics. Our emphasis will be on the special challenges and opportunities that rural nonprofits face. Our goal will be to create a user-friendly resource that includes student-created content and links to existing resources that they evaluate as helpful to our target audience.

Now, here's where I need your help. I have identified a handful of topics that the class may be asked to address (number of topics covered this semester will be determined by final enrollment). I am asking for your feedback via response to an online poll that I have created. Click HERE to go to the poll. Voting is easy: simply click on any topic that you would like to see us address. You can vote multiple times; feel free to suggest more than one topic.

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