Monday, September 22, 2008

Starting board reform where it begins: at home

As I prepare to record a podcast for my "Intro to the Nonprofit Sector" class this week, a "boards in a nutshell" lecture, I was pleased to see an interesting post from PhilanthroMedia that offers a nice framing of the essential responsibilities of boards and their individual members.

"Reform of Boards Starts at Home" offers a blending of the familiar -- the three duties that I intend to offer as the foundation (a good refresher for readers who would appreciate revisiting that foundation themselves) and a list of "keys to success" that I find refreshing in their broader focus on what should be obvious but often gets lost in the shuffle of busy lives and too much work on the agenda.

I'm happy to share a link to that post, along with encouragement to read and share with your own boards.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Engaging the older volunteer: New research

This must be the week for releasing new research of interest to nonprofits.

Today, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on research just released by AARP, on new incentives driving older volunteers.

To access the Chronicle report summarizing the highlights, click here. A full copy of the report itself may be downloaded via the link contained within the Chronicle article.

How might our local nonprofits make the most of this information? Where are our growth opportunities, when it comes to reaching out to older residents who have a desire to make a difference in their communities? Please share your thoughts, and great ideas, by commenting here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New report touts value of recruiting younger members

My e-mail in-box seems to be a treasure trove of must-share nonporofit resources these days. Today, I received word of a new BoardSource report on a topic of intense interest to me right now -- the importance, and challenge, of recruiting younger members to our boards.

I'm still reading the report itself, but I wanted to help spread the word on this new information source. Click here to access an overview of the report. Click on the link in the second paragraph to access the report itself.

Then please return to this space to share your reactions to what the authors outline. What are the challenges your board might face with increased attention to engaging younger members? What are the potential opportunities that might be introduced if your board made this a priority? Please share!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Governance as Leadership podcast available

This morning, I stumbled upon a podcast on the driving force of my dissertation research, Governance as Leadership, featuring one of the work's co-authors, Bill Ryan.

It's well worth a listen, and can be accessed here. You have two basic access options: listen to it online (it will launch automatically) or download it for later. This one definitely will be added to my iPod library!