Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Volunteer talent management

Recruiting and retaining volunteers is a perpetual challenge for most of our nonprofits, a challenge that calls for fresh ways to think about how and why we engage others in our mission.

Two recent articles, published in two of the magazines I shared last week, offer interesting perspectives on managing and nurturing our volunteer talent. Both articles are available free, online.

The first, "Using the Whole Talent Pool," appears courtesy of Nonprofit Quarterly. The second, "The New Volunteer Workforce," is available online at Stanford Social Innovation Review. This one also is available as a PDF download, easy to share with your board and staff.

I'd love to generate some discussion here about both of these articles, particularly as you think about your organizations' volunteer management processes. What resonates? What challenges you? What excites you about the ideas presented in these pieces? How might we use them as starting points for thinking more broadly and creatively about building our volunteer resources -- including our boards -- in our community? Please share your thoughts via a comment on this post.

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