Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emily Davis: Young nonprofit leader (and resource)

Today's "gift" to readers of this blog comes in the form of my new Internet acquaintance and Facebook friend, Emily Davis.

I became familiar with Emily's work and perspectives on nonprofit life via her blog. I became appreciative of her knowledge and role as a resource when I requested more information about research she's conducted on young nonprofit professionals. The interchange that resulted from that request, and the resources she so willingly shared along the way, has made me a true fan of Emily and her work.

Click here to access Emily's website. Be sure to check out her links on emerging leaders, paying close attention to the links to the research I mentioned. There is a link to both an executive summary and the full report on that page. Also, take a few moments to follow some of the links that she provides there -- many great resources on critical topics! The board geek in me has also enjoyed visiting her resources on board development. Some of the links there led me to familiar friends and sources. Others were new and soon added to my social bookmarks.

Speaking of bookmarks...

I think you'll find a lot on Emily's site that will leave you wanting to not only bookmark it but return often to learn from her.

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