Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Virtual board orientation

My interest in social media, particularly its application to nonprofit sector professional development, is becoming as much of a personal and professional obsession as boards.

Recently, I discovered a site where the two intersected, resulting in a novel approach to board orientation. Click here to access the highly interactive site offered by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Note that it is interactive -- you'll be able to navigate to the sessions that most interest you and even ask questions of the presenter. Be sure to also check out the "Conference Bag," with links to resources that you will find useful.

This represents a significant jump forward in technology use, one that should prove valuable in efforts to reach across the wide open spaces of Wyoming (my larger passion: finding ways to connect the state's nonprofit practitioners and volunteers, and to deliver formal and informal professional development opportunities that build capacity to serve our communities).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding the Board Basics Online course.

Debra said...

I'm so glad I discovered that resource, not only for the 'wow' factor that it inspires, but for the evidence it offers that board development can be delivered in innovative and convenient ways.