Friday, August 15, 2008

A Few New Board-Worthy Links

Between wrapping up SRNI 2008, completing the Susan G. Komen Wyoming Race for the Cure, conducting dissertation interviews, and preparing for the arrival of our new puppy, I've felt a bit challenged to keep up my responsibilities here lately.

While I haven't been writing about boards in the last two weeks, I've certainly been thinking about them. A large part of that focus comes from a full week of board member interviews for my dissertation research (on board learning). Sharing details is not possible, though I hope to be able to offer some lessons learned for other boards by the end of this long journey.

Besides moving that major project forward in a big way this week, I've discovered several new online resources that local nonprofit board members may find useful. If you haven't visited my bookmarks page (click here to access) recently, you'll find links to many of those new tools. Today, I'd like to point out a couple that may be most interesting:

The online library for the Center for Community-Based and Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College. They have cataloged a diverse array of resources on a range of nonprofit management and leadership issues, including governance topics. I occasionally reach the point where I feel like I've seen and read it all on the topic, but I was pleasantly surprised to find several links to resources that were new to me.

Governance Matters is another great portal that offers a rich array of treasures. Click on the "resources" tab and follow the links to a host of resources you may find interesting. One that caught my eye -- and stimulated some thought -- was a piece titled "Deadwood or Just Dormant? A Guide to Stimulating Board Engagement." Since engagement is a perpetual concern, I appreciated their perspective on this critical topic.

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