Monday, July 7, 2008

Sharing Resources

One of my primary goals for this blog is providing a place to share great resources that nonprofits may find useful in their daily work.

I'll be writing about, and linking to, specific websites, articles, books, etc., in future posts. But to lay the foundation, I want to share my social bookmarking site

which I offer as a clearinghouse for the online gems I encounter daily. On the righthand side of the page, you'll find "tags" -- the topics I've used to categorize each resource. If you're interested, for example, in finding tools related to governance, you can access some of my favorite online resources related to that topic by clicking on the word itself.

I invite you to bookmark this site and encourage you to visit often, particularly when you have a question about nonprofit management and leadership. It's my gift to you, one I'm constantly updating to increase its value.


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