Tuesday, July 15, 2008

‘Great Boards’ offers committee evaluation resource

One of my favorite online newsletters devoted to nonprofit governance issues is Great Boards, published by Bader & Associates.

While devoted primarily to health care boards, many of the articles translate well to any nonprofit setting. I usually find something of value in every new issue.

The Summer 2008 edition is no exception. In fact, the entire special edition, on “Evaluating and Improving Board Committees,” probably should be required reading for any nonprofit board.

There are two things I appreciate about this issue, which was written by Barry S. Bader and Elaine Zablocki:
  • They offer both the context for evaluation and recommendations for both general questions about the committee process and specific questions related to its responsibilities. While the contexts and questions represent their target audience (hospital boards), they should provide good springboards for adapting to other nonprofit settings.
  • The committees they highlight are directly related to the governance function of boards, versus the all-too-common staff functions. A board that focuses its work on these areas increases the likelihood that it is fulfilling its responsibilities and impacting the organization’s future in a positive way. My favorite committee outlined: Community Benefit/Mission. A board can never focus too much on mission!
To read the special issue, visit this website:


Click on the “Print entire issue” link for the Summer 2008 issue.

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