Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting (Re)Acquainted

Whew! There are a few cobwebs on this one, aren't there? My passion for nonprofits hasn't waned in the break between posts, but life adventures definitely fostered a detour or two. Or three.

My excuses have been good: a major push to leap over the last process hurdles to begin my dissertation research (on how nonprofit boards learn); not only teaching my online courses on nonprofit management issues but learning how to introduce podcasts into the curriculum (and actually producing them!); and, as always, working with a creative group of volunteers to design an inspiring and informative curriculum for this year's Snowy Range Nonprofit Institute.

That said, maintaining this blog, as a resource and a potential opportunity to connect board members, has never been far from consciousness. So I am shaking off those cobwebs and committing to making this as informative as I possibly can make it.

I do ask one favor, though. If you feel so inspired, please post a comment now and again. Perhaps the greatest unfilled potential of this blog -- at least as it remains in my aspirations -- is as a place to share experiences, suggestions, questions. I'm but one part of that conversation. I'll do my best to share interesting insights, examples and resources that nonprofit boards might find valuable, so that my readers will have something rich and useful to discuss.

More soon -- I promise!

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