Monday, June 4, 2007

Committee Chair-No Solo Act

If you’ve served on a nonprofit board for any period of time, you’ve undoubtedly had opportunities to lead board and/or organizational committees.

Charity Channel’s online Nonprofit Boards and Governance Review published an interesting article last week (“Serving as a Committee Chair is Not a Solo Act”) that I thought I’d share with you, by Paulette Vinette. As I look to my current committee leadership assignments, Vinette’s brief piece offered a timely reminder of the importance of the responsibility.

The article’s title should make Vinette’s premise self-evident: committee leadership requires a focus on participation: the right individuals, drawn together for the right reasons, working toward the right goals. Committee leaders must think broadly about the voices and talents that they bring to the table, about how they will engage those individuals – and others – to achieve goals that advance the organization’s mission.

I invite you to read Vinette’s piece (click on the article title in the first paragraph to access it) and offer your thoughts and experiences. How do you envision your role as committee chairperson? What are some of the greatest rewards of the work? The challenges? How do you create a rich working environment in the committees you lead?

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