Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Favorite Bookmarks - Publications

I’m a reader. To me, nothing is better than sitting down with a stack of new magazines of journals, a highlighter and a notebook where I can capture the ideas that most excite me – that expand and inspire.

While they will never replace the pleasure of marking up a hard copy, the following online publications provide a great way to access some of the best and most accessible writing for nonprofits and their boards.

Nonprofit Quarterly. The print version is my nonprofit lifeline. The topics are timely and thought provoking, the writing accessible but not overly simplistic. The online version offers few articles, but whatever is posted is guaranteed to be of interest. I assign many of those online articles in my nonprofit courses; and they usually generate lively, rich discussions.

Stanford Social Innovation Review. SSIR is a fairly close second on my print reading list. The topics are more of a stretch from my natural interests, but I always find something that expands my thinking. As with NPQ, the writers and editors always manage to provide content that acknowledges both the practitioner’s need for useful information and the nonprofit professional’s intelligence. Like NPQ, SSIR posts a limited sampling of articles online.

Nonprofit World. Different in feel and tone, Nonprofit World has found its own place on my regular reading list. Non-subscribers have online access to a sampling of articles from the print publication.

Great Boards. While focused on the issues affecting its target audience – hospital boards – this online publication frequently features articles of general interest to any nonprofit board.

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