Monday, March 19, 2007

Community Board Development – A Discussion

Today, I present the Laramie Board Learning Project (LBLP) concept to the United Way of Albany County board and agencies. My goal in making this group presentation extends beyond sharing the idea: I hope to gauge their interest in community-level board development and initiate a conversation about the idea.

What I propose emerged from a board learning needs assessment conducted last fall (see the blog archives, Feb. 10-21 entries, for details on the results). Members of eight participating boards described using a range of sources – human, print and electronic – in their personal learning. They described a willingness to incorporate similar breadth in their board learning. The Laramie Board Learning Project, beginning with this blog, is an attempt to begin providing that community capacity building.

I welcome their feedback in any form they care to share it. But I also will suggest that they visit this blog and share their thoughts in the comments section. If you’re a member of the United Way board or its agencies (or are otherwise interested in what might develop in our community), please click on the “X comments” link at the end of this entry and share your thoughts. Then visit again, to read and respond to what others are thinking.

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