Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thoughts about the Data – and the Future

Is there room for board development serving Laramie’s nonprofit boards? Responses by the eight boards participating in my needs assessment suggest that there is. As I compare responses across the sections of the needs assessment, I see potential for a handful of next steps to recommend to the boards in our community. I offer them up for your consideration and comment: do any of these ideas seem worth pursuing to build nonprofit – and, ultimately, community -- capacity?

A nonprofit community roundtable event that would:
  • Bring together members of the city’s nonprofit boards
  • Offer content that inspires and informs (suggestion: “Building Laramie’s Nonprofit Leadership Capacity”)
  • Engage other community members interested in nonprofits and the work they do in Laramie
  • A board member reading/discussion group, meeting periodically (perhaps monthly, at lunch) to explore governance topics of interest to members
  • Periodic citywide board learning events (face-to-face sessions held quarterly, semi-annually or annually)
  • A website devoted to Laramie nonprofit board learning needs and interests (the “Laramie Board Learning Project”)
  • This blog as a starting point and ongoing resource for information and discussion
  • An information clearinghouse for local nonprofits, including links
  • An online gathering point for local boards to interact, share information and initiate discussions about common issues.

Do any of these proposals seem workable for our community? Do you have other ideas for engaging Laramie’s nonprofit boards to the benefit of all? Please share your thoughts by commenting on this entry, and responding to others’ contributions to the discussion.

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