Saturday, February 10, 2007

About This Blog

I started this blog, first, to share the findings of a fall 2007 learning needs assessment that involved members of eight nonprofit boards in Laramie, Wyoming. Participants helped to create a group snapshot of the factors that facilitate quality learning experiences. They described their individual preferences as adult learners. They shared their thoughts about what makes training events more effective – particularly events focused on nonprofit governance.

One of the more interesting findings of this assessment leads to my second reason for starting the Laramie Board Learning Project (LBLP) blog: support for multi-board activities that expand their understanding of nonprofit governance. This space can be a place to share the key findings of our needs assessment and to spark a discussion about meeting those needs and building community capacity in the process.

I invite you to share your reactions to the research described in future entries and to respond to others’ comments. I also invite you to share your vision about how we might collaborate to create opportunities for all of Laramie’s boards to learn and grow together.

Please bookmark this site and return often to learn more about the needs assessment and help us create a unique community learning experience.

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